Do You Have Missing Teeth?

Or Are You One Of The Silent Denture Sufferers Who Are Constantly Frustrated With Your Dentures?

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“Would You like To Discover The REAL Truth About Having Better Fitting, Stronger, And More Reliable Teeth, That Won’t Pop up, Fly Out, Or Get Stuck When Eating?”

Despite what so many people who are missing teeth think, many patients who used to suffer relentlessly with their partial dentures, and loose worn out teeth, no longer have to. There IS hope…and I am here to help you find the facts…so you can feel comfortable smiling, eating, and laughing in public.

Life is too good to be constantly worried about something that can be corrected or improved.

That’s why we are on a mission behind getting this message out to others, and telling the world about what’s available to them, so you can start smiling once again and….put An End To Skipping Your Favorite Meals Because Of Your Teeth!


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If you or someone you know suffers with

  • Irritation, Rubbing, Ill-fitting Dentures
  • Missing Teeth
  • You Cannot eat the foods you love.
  • You feel Anxiety and frustration, because of fear your teeth may fall out
  • Or you are experiencing any other problems with your teeth….then I have the right dentist for you.

See, not only are there frustrations with ill-fitting dentures or missing teeth…and inconveniences…there are medical consequences for not getting your teeth taken care of:

Here are some examples:

  • The link between the loss of teeth from gum disease and the increased risk of stroke and heart attack has been well researched. When the teeth are lost, the damage the gum disease created doesn’t go away. The body has been permanently weakened.
  • Research at the University of Maryland Department of Nutrition shows that the “dietary quality and intake of certain nutrients was poorer among the group with self-perceived ill fitting dentures than those with natural teeth or will fitting dentures”.
  • A recent study out of London found that food “rich in nutrients like nuts, apples and raw carrots could not be eaten easily for over 50%” of people with dentures.
  • Research at the University Dental School in Ireland showed patients “reported a significant improvement in satisfaction and health related quality of as did patients who received” traditional dentures.
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You Will Receive Exactly What You See in the photo above

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The importance of teeth has been well documented and Dr. Charles Mayo, renowned researcher of the world famous Mayo Clinic , which is named after him, was a huge advocate for oral health and its impact on total body health.

He stated way back in 1933, “The presence of dental health is important. Dentistry is distinctive health services and can extend human life ten years.”

Why should you lose 10 years of your life because of dental disease and/or missing teeth.

That’s not necessary…but it happens all the time. The reason is because people are simply mis-informed. They don’t know all the facts.

The good news is: Today’s Modern Implants may just be the perfect for you!! This latest improvement in implant technology offers many choices for replacing any missing teeth.

Implants Provide:

  • More Stability
  • Improve tooth function and chewing ability
  • Increased Comfort
  • Greater ease of speech
  • Greater Convenience
  • A better Fit
  • You can eat the foods you love once again.
  • And also you can have a whiter more attractive smile with Dental Implants

Plus many more benefits…



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So, if having strong and healthy teeth is so important, why aren’t you taking care of it…

Most of the time it’s because of fear or that you didn’t even know that you now have options available to you. That’s why our doctor has created a free ebook and video revealing:

“The Miracle of Dental Implants”





Implants are retained by healthy bone along your jaw line. To determine if you have healthy adequate bone material to support an implant

Call our office now at (888) 714-1703 for a FREE Evaluation and X-Ray.

Implants can benefit adults of all ages. It just may be the solution you are looking for…

We would be pleased to answer any of questions regarding implants. We are here to better educate you so you can make the right decision for your dental health.



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